I was diagnsed with iritis for the first time in both eyes 6 weeks ago, and a week after diagnosis started to feel extreme fatigue and permanent nausea, which has continued, even after iritis all clear 3 weeks back. I have also had several small "flare ups" of iritis-like symptoms (light sensitivity, slight pain, blurred vision and watery eye) in the last two weeks, but having gone back to the opthalmologist was told both times that my eyes were clear. I had it again at the weekend, but it went away on its own after 2 days. I have had blood tests which show a high ESR (88 ). I have no stomach pain, just permanent nausea - not vomiting though, and a general feeling of tiredness most of the time. My elbows ache slightly, but nothing else. Has anyone else had similar symtoms?? I am not under stress, and initially put the iritis down to working a particularly busy week with a soldering flame (soldering silver - I'm a jeweller). I was, prior to this, a VERY healthy person, with no previous problems, good eating and excercise habits, and with a generally lovely lifestyle......until now!! Am feeling shocked and pretty fed up about it all!